What Can Music Classes Do For You?

Physical Development

Music’s effects on the development of children is well documented in family, medical, and educational research.

But in real life, how do these effects look? Lets peek at some of the specific aspects of child development that music lessons can impact the most, then we can apply that knowledge to help our students and kids in developing potentials.

Even before childbirth begins, the incredible effect of music has positively impacted the growth of every born child. Whether your mom maybe singing or playing classical sounds, the effects of music exhibit a positive change in post-birth both on physical and mental development.


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A recent experiment shows that fetuses who were exposed to at least 70 hours of classical music during the last weeks of pregnancy displayed advanced motor skills, linguistic and intellectual progress compared to those who received none.

Scientists believe that listening to music is key to brain-building experience.

When a child starts playing an instrument, the effects of music on fine motor skills start to increase. They’re agile and more adaptive. A certain study links music lessons to an increase in fine motor skill development which leads to immediate motor response to a visual stimulus.

Engaging your kids into all kinds of music lessons will help your child grow and adapt quickly. It is a fun and creative way of increasing your child’s motor skills development.

Having Musical Classes Links To Cognitive Development

A story emerged years ago, where a family of a boy, on 3rd grade expresses their concern as the boy seemed behind on progression and was two grade levels out in reading skills.

The parents then enrolled the boy in violin lessons to learn and read music, and for having consecutive classes in two years, his music teachers noticed an increase in reading level to a full grade level, and on the 3rd year of learning, he was at par on with his peers.

Rauscher states, “The research suggests that music lessons may act as a catalyst for cognitive abilities in other disciplines, and the relationship between music and spatial-temporal reasoning is particularly compelling.”

 Another story was that of a mother with a dyslexic child. The child needed to level her reading skills with her age. She was then enrolled in piano lessons during 4th grade and from then, everything changed.

The child improved in reading skills has developed a passion for music, and aced activities at school.

Violin lessons, piano lessons, bass lessons, guitar lessons, singing lessons, or even drum lessons are skills that would later benefit in life.

In learning to play, reading skills will be developed, creativity is enhanced, collaboration and time management applies, even patience and memorization is mastered.

Playing instruments helps one practice reading skills, comprehension, even mathematical skills as it all attributes to an increase in brain activity, which later helps in the decline of one’s cognitive ability.

Having Musical Classes Has The Best Benefits For Social and Emotional Development

Musical preference develops one’s identity and establishes a sense of their own self-perception. It nurtures individualism, and even establishes an identity for a group of musicians. Lots of these identities are based on the social cultures and the type of genre they listen to.

Some identify themselves a Hip hop band, country, metal, alternative, an all-star guitar- rock band, electronica, etc and follow a certain type of fashion, social construct, and demeanor designated to it.

Books increase one’s knowledge, while music touches the soul and heart. Musical classes have been linked to emotional development and discipline.

It is important for parents and teachers alike, to understand the effects on child development so that we can leverage fully the unique ability of music to sculpt the lives of our students; physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

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