I liked the price and I wasn’t sure my son would actually stick with it. It’s been a great starter guitar. He is 12 but on the smaller side and it’s perfect. It’s not too small and the chords have a nice sound.

Learning to play on this 3/4 size acoustic guitar is easy with nylon strings that are easier to hold down

With a guitar their size, kids can learn to play from an early age and switch to a full-sized model once they’ve grown in size and skill


Kids Guitar | 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar | Childrens Acoustic Guitar

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Ideal for kids and adults alike, the guitar makes for easier handling or learning for anyone with a smaller build.

  • 86cm / 34 inch (3/4 Sized) auditorium classical guitar
  • Nylon strings that are softer on the fingertips than steel
  • Beautiful wood construction
  • Sleek lacquer finish
  • Great tone balance
  • Durable carry bag for easy transportation
  • 3 picks included
  • Body material: Laminated linden
  • Fingerboard material: Maple wood w/ a width of 42mm
  • Colour: Red
  • Dimensions: 86cm × 29cm × 8.7cm

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Children's Guitar Includes
  • 3/4 Sized Guitar x1
  • Pick x3
  • Carry Bag x1

Original price was: $129.Current price is: $99.

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With a hardwood neck and maple wood fingerboard, the guitar also delivers great tones and timbre to create some beautiful music. The delicate process of manufacture includes durable bracing and meticulous finishing techniques that guarantee this guitar is a real joy to play.


A junior scale 6 string guitar perfect for use on lessons, recitals, band rehearsals, onstage performances or when practicing at home. Has a traditional classic body style great for beginners and children learning to play guitar


Crafted from the fine tonewoods, the guitar is made of laminated linden for its top, back, and sides. With a hardwood neck and maple wood fingerboard, the guitar also delivers great tones and timbre to create some beautiful music.


This traditional junior classic nylon stringed guitar kit is excellent for both beginners and children looking to start guitar playing. Nylon strings are much softer and easier to hold than steel-stringed guitars, making this guitar perfect for beginners to start strengthening their fingers.

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Your First Choice for Beginner Guitar Instrument

Buying your first acoustic guitar is a remarkable moment and one you won’t ever forget. That’s why it’s essential to do your analysis to ensure you get the right instrument for your needs.

Our nylon-stringed acoustic guitar is the best choice for beginners to help set you on the right track with your guitar playing and get the ideal instrument in your hands.

When armed with a quality acoustic guitar, you’ll be indestructible. Not only will you find practice far easier and much more satisfying, but if you have a guitar you value, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and develop your technique.

But there are more important factors to contemplate when choosing the best beginner acoustic guitar for you or your child. Such as ensuring your guitar will stay in tune throughout your practice and is built to stand the test of time.

Of course, ticking all these boxes shouldn’t exceed your beginner budget, either. That is why, with our best beginner acoustic guitar, we’re committed to providing you with a quality instrument you can get started with for less than $200.

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Why is a Kids Guitar a great choice for young beginners?
A Kids Guitar is perfectly sized for younger players, making it easier for them to learn and play comfortably, fostering a love for music from an early age.
What are the benefits of a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar for children?
A 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar fits comfortably in a child’s hands, making it easier for them to reach the strings and frets, which is essential for learning proper technique.
How durable is a Children's Acoustic Guitar?
Our Children’s Acoustic Guitars are built with durability in mind, using quality materials that withstand the enthusiasm of young learners.
Can a Kids Guitar produce quality sound like a full-sized guitar?
Absolutely! Despite their smaller size, our Kids Guitars are designed to deliver rich and clear sound, making the learning experience enjoyable.
What age range is suitable for a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar?
Typically, a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar is ideal for children aged 6 to 12, but it can also be a good fit for older players looking for a smaller instrument.
Is a Children's Acoustic Guitar easier to play?
Yes, with its smaller size and lighter strings, it’s easier for children to form chords and play, encouraging practice and improvement.
How do I choose the right Kids Guitar for my child?
Consider the guitar’s size, the age and size of your child, and the quality of the instrument. It’s also important to choose a guitar that appeals to them visually.
Do 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitars come in different styles and colors?
Yes, we offer a variety of styles and colors to inspire and excite every young musician.
What is the price range for a quality Children's Acoustic Guitar?
Prices vary, but we have a range of options to suit different budgets, all offering excellent value and quality for the price.
Are Kids Guitars only for beginners?
Not necessarily. They are also a great option for experienced young players or anyone who prefers a smaller-sized guitar.
How important is the build quality of a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar?
Build quality is crucial as it affects both the durability and the sound quality of the guitar, ensuring a rewarding learning experience.
What kind of music can be played on a Children's Acoustic Guitar?
These guitars are versatile, suitable for a range of musical styles, making them perfect for exploring different genres.
Does a Kids Guitar require special strings?
Kids Guitars typically use lighter gauge strings to make playing easier and more comfortable for young fingers.
How often should a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar be tuned?
Like all guitars, it should be tuned regularly. Before each playing session is ideal, especially for guitars used by beginners.
Can a Children's Acoustic Guitar be amplified?
Some models come with built-in pickups for amplification, suitable for performances or playing with other instruments.
Is a Kids Guitar suitable for music lessons?
Absolutely! They are ideal for lessons, helping young learners develop their skills on an instrument that’s comfortable for them.
What accessories are recommended with a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar?
Essential accessories include a guitar case, tuner, picks, and perhaps a strap for comfortable playing.
Do Children's Acoustic Guitars come with a warranty?
Yes, we offer warranties on our guitars, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.
How does the sound of a Kids Guitar compare to a full-size guitar?
While they have a slightly different tone due to their size, Kids Guitars still offer a rich and pleasant sound quality.
Are 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitars available in different materials?
Yes, they come in various materials, including traditional woods like spruce and mahogany, each contributing to the guitar’s tone and durability.
Can a Children's Acoustic Guitar be customized?
Customization options are typically limited, but you can personalize it with different straps, picks, and sometimes even interchangeable parts.
How to care for and maintain a Kids Guitar?
Regular cleaning, proper storage, and avoiding extreme temperature changes are key to maintaining a Kids Guitar.
What makes a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar a good gift for children?
It’s an inspiring and educational gift that can spark a lifelong passion for music and creativity in a child.
How portable is a Children's Acoustic Guitar?
Their smaller size makes them highly portable, perfect for taking to lessons, friends’ houses, or even on vacation.
Does playing a Kids Guitar help with child development?
Yes, learning guitar helps with cognitive development, improves coordination, and can boost self-esteem and creativity.
Are there left-handed models of 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitars?
Yes, we offer options for left-handed players, ensuring everyone has access to a suitable instrument.
How does a Children's Acoustic Guitar help in music education?
It provides a practical and enjoyable way for children to learn music theory, rhythm, and the joy of creating music.
What is the best way to introduce a child to playing a Kids Guitar?
Start with simple, fun songs and consider formal lessons to build a strong foundation in guitar playing.
Can a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar be used in school music programs?
Definitely, its size and playability make it ideal for use in school music programs and children’s music groups.
How long does it take for a child to learn basic guitar on a Children's Acoustic Guitar?
This varies with each child, but with regular practice, most can learn basic chords and songs within a few months.
Strumming on Little Strings: How to Choose the Perfect Kids Guitar for Your Budding Musician

Introducing children to music can be one of the most rewarding experiences for both parent and child. A key aspect of this musical journey often begins with selecting the right instrument. For young aspiring guitarists, a “Children’s Acoustic Guitar” is typically the ideal choice. In this guide, we will explore the nuances of choosing a “3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar” and other options suitable for children, ensuring that your little one gets the best start on their musical path.

The Benefits of Learning Guitar for Kids

Learning to play the guitar can significantly benefit children’s development. It enhances their cognitive skills, improves hand-eye coordination, and encourages discipline and patience. Moreover, it’s a great way for kids to express creativity and build confidence.

Understanding Guitar Sizes for Children

Guitar sizes can be confusing, but the right fit is crucial for a child’s comfort and playability. A “3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar” is often the perfect choice for kids. It’s smaller than a full-size guitar, making it easier for young hands to reach the frets and strum the strings.

Choosing the Right Children’s Acoustic Guitar

Consider these factors when selecting a “Children’s Acoustic Guitar”:

  • Size and Age Match: Ensure the guitar is the right size for your child. A 3/4 size is ideal for most children aged 6-12.
  • Nylon vs. Steel Strings: Nylon strings are softer on the fingers, recommended for beginners.
  • Craftsmanship and Durability: Look for well-constructed guitars that can withstand a little wear and tear.
  • Budget: There are quality options available at various price points.

The Appeal of a 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

A “3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar” is a popular choice for several reasons:

  • It’s the right scale for children, making learning more manageable and enjoyable.
  • Portable and lightweight, it’s easier for kids to handle and carry.
  • Despite its size, it produces a rich and full sound, similar to full-size guitars.

Encouraging Your Child’s Musical Journey

Once you’ve chosen the right guitar, encourage regular practice. Make learning guitar fun and engaging, and consider lessons from a professional instructor. Remember, the goal is to instill a love of music, not just skill proficiency.


Selecting the right guitar, such as a “3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar” or a “Children’s Acoustic Guitar,” is a significant first step in your child’s musical journey. It’s not just an instrument; it’s a tool for creative expression and personal growth. With the right choice, your little musician will be well on their way to a lifelong love of music.