We bought these drums for my son as a first kit. He’s asked about drums since he could first talk, but we’ve been hesitant as most parents are. Drums are loud, They take a lot of space, etc. this kit from Alesis is a great solution. Being electronic the audible acoustic noise is minimal. He plays them with headphones, the included sounds, while not professional grade, are fantastic for learning.

Finally an electronic drum kit for kids that’s packed with great sounds & engaging educational features

A complete electric drum kit for kids with everything you need to start drumming from the get-go


Kids Electronic Drum Kit | Beginners Electric Drums | Junior Drum Kit

Original price was: $759.Current price is: $699.


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Seeking a beginner drum set? Letting your kids drum has never been easier. This may be a mini drum set, but there is nothing mini about its features.

These are purpose designed drums for kids age 5 – 12 the ultimate entry point into the exciting world of drumming.

Children's Electronic Drum Kit Includes
  • 6” mesh electric drum kit heads
  • x3 10” Cymbals,
  • Sturdy metal rack
  • Drum module
  • Drum throne
  • Sticks
  • Headphones and all cabling

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Original price was: $759.Current price is: $699.

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A complete electronic drum kit for kids with everything you need to start drumming from the get-go

All the Sounds You Need

12 kits and 144 plus exclusive acoustic drum set and electronic drum kit sounds with Intelligent Dynamic Articulation technology for realistic sound and fun playability


Mini Drum Set with Connectivity for any Situation

Hookup to any drum amplifier using the stereo ¼” outputs and show off your drumset skills to friends and family; headphone output for private practice

All accessories included

Bonus drumsticks, headphones and drum stool are all included so you can play from the minute you unpack the box

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Why is a Kids Electronic Drum Kit ideal for young learners?

A Kids Electronic Drum Kit is perfect for young learners due to its compact size, adjustable volume, and headphone compatibility, making it ideal for practice at home without disturbing others.

What makes Beginners Electric Drums a good choice for starting drummers?
Beginners Electric Drums offer a user-friendly interface, various pre-set rhythms, and built-in learning tools that make it easier for beginners to start their drumming journey.
How durable is a Junior Drum Kit?
Our Junior Drum Kits are designed with durability in mind, using robust materials that can withstand the energy and enthusiasm of young drummers.
Can a Kids Electronic Drum Kit be connected to other devices?
Yes, most models feature USB or MIDI connectivity, allowing kids to connect to computers or other electronic devices for an enhanced musical experience.
Do Beginners Electric Drums come with different sound options?
Absolutely! They typically feature a range of drum and percussion sounds, allowing beginners to explore various styles and genres.
How portable is a Junior Drum Kit?
Junior Drum Kits are designed for portability, often lightweight and compact, making them easy to move and store when not in use.
Is a Kids Electronic Drum Kit suitable for music lessons?
Yes, they are ideal for music lessons, providing a range of features and functionalities that aid in learning and development.
Do Beginners Electric Drums require a lot of maintenance?
They require minimal maintenance. Keeping them clean and storing them properly when not in use is generally sufficient.
Can a Junior Drum Kit be upgraded as the child grows?
Many models offer expandability options, such as adding more pads or pedals, allowing the kit to grow with the child’s abilities.
What is the average price range for a quality Kids Electronic Drum Kit?
We offer a range of kits to fit various budgets, all providing excellent value and quality for young drummers.
How realistic is the sound of Beginners Electric Drums?
Modern electric drums are designed to closely mimic the sound of acoustic drums, providing a realistic drumming experience.
Are Junior Drum Kits easy to assemble?
They are typically user-friendly, with straightforward assembly instructions, making setup quick and easy.
Do Kids Electronic Drum Kits come with built-in learning programs?
Many models feature built-in learning modules, including metronomes and play-along tracks, which are great for beginners.
How does a Beginners Electric Drum compare to a traditional acoustic drum set?
Electric drums offer more sound versatility, lower volume options, and often take up less space, making them ideal for beginners, especially in shared living spaces.
Can a Junior Drum Kit be used for performances?
While primarily designed for practice, some junior drum kits are suitable for small performances, especially for young drummers.
What age group is best suited for a Kids Electronic Drum Kit?
They are typically designed for children ages 3 to 10, but the suitable age can vary depending on the model.
Do Beginners Electric Drums offer recording capabilities?
Many models come with recording functions, allowing beginners to record and playback their sessions for practice and improvement.
How much space is needed for a Junior Drum Kit?
One of the advantages is their compact size, requiring less space than a traditional drum set, ideal for smaller rooms.
Are there any special features in high-end Kids Electronic Drum Kits?
High-end models may offer advanced features like more realistic sound samples, enhanced connectivity options, and more robust hardware.
Do Beginners Electric Drums come with a warranty?
Yes, most brands offer a warranty, ensuring you receive a product that meets quality and durability standards.
Can Junior Drum Kits be used with headphones for silent practice?
Absolutely, one of their key advantages is the ability to connect headphones for quiet practice sessions.
What accessories are often included with a Kids Electronic Drum Kit?
Common accessories include drumsticks, a drum throne, headphones, and sometimes an amplifier or speaker.
How user-friendly is the interface on Beginners Electric Drums?
These drum sets are designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to navigate through different settings and options.
Are Junior Drum Kits energy efficient?
They are generally energy-efficient, using minimal electricity, especially when used with headphones or low-volume settings.
How customizable are the settings on a Kids Electronic Drum Kit?
Most kits allow customization of settings like volume, tempo, and drum kit sounds, giving young drummers the freedom to explore different sounds.
Can Beginners Electric Drums be connected to a computer for music production?
Yes, many models offer USB or MIDI connectivity, making them suitable for use with music production software.
What types of music can be played on a Junior Drum Kit?
They are versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of music genres, from rock and pop to jazz and classical.
How does a Kids Electronic Drum Kit help in a child’s musical development?
It fosters rhythm skills, coordination, and musical exploration, contributing positively to a child’s overall musical development.
Are there different color options available for Beginners Electric Drums?
While most models come in standard colors, some brands offer various color options to appeal to different tastes.
Is it easy to update or upgrade a Junior Drum Kit?
While basic models may not have extensive upgrade options, higher-end models often allow for updates and additions like extra pads or pedals.
Setting the Beat: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Kids Electronic Drum Kit

Nurturing a child’s musical talents can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a parent. If your child is showing an interest in percussion, a “Kids Electronic Drum Kit” is a fantastic way to start. Perfectly sized for young players and less intimidating than a full-sized set, these “Beginners Electric Drums” offer an engaging introduction to rhythm and music. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of a “Junior Drum Kit” and how to select the best one for your budding drummer.

Why Choose an Electronic Drum Kit for Kids?

Electronic drum kits are an excellent choice for young learners for several reasons:

  • Volume Control: Essential for maintaining household peace, volume can be adjusted, or headphones can be used.
  • Space-Saving: Compact and easy to store, they are ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Variety of Sounds: They offer a range of percussion sounds and rhythms, keeping practice fun and interesting.

Features of a Beginners Electric Drums Kit

When looking for a “Beginners Electric Drums” kit, consider the following features:

  • Durability: Kids can be tough on equipment, so the kit should withstand regular use.
  • Easy to Use: Simple interfaces and clear instructions are key for young learners.
  • Learning Tools: Many kits come with built-in learning programs, which can be a great aid in early music education.

Benefits of a Junior Drum Kit

A “Junior Drum Kit” tailored for kids offers several advantages:

  • Ergonomically Designed: Sized for children, making it easier and more comfortable for them to play.
  • Development of Skills: Helps in developing coordination, timing, and rhythm.
  • Introduction to Music: Offers a fun and engaging way to introduce children to music fundamentals.

Selecting the Right Kids Electronic Drum Kit

Choosing the right drum kit involves a few considerations:

  • Size: Ensure the kit is appropriate for your child’s age and size.
  • Features vs. Needs: Balance the features offered with what your child actually needs.
  • Budget: Electronic drum kits come in a range of prices, so consider what fits your budget while still meeting quality standards.

Encouraging Your Child’s Drumming Journey

Once you have the drum kit:

  • Encourage regular practice but keep it fun and pressure-free.
  • Consider lessons with a professional drum teacher to provide structured learning.
  • Support their progress with positive feedback and opportunities to play and share their skills.


A “Kids Electronic Drum Kit” is more than just a toy; it’s a gateway to musical exploration and skill development. Whether it’s a compact “Beginners Electric Drums” set or a more advanced “Junior Drum Kit,” the right choice can ignite a lifelong passion for music in your child. So, let the rhythm begin, and watch your little drummer embark on an exciting musical adventure.