I’m not a complete beginner, but this is almost a perfect kit for beginners who are looking for something electronic. If you need something at home you can practice on without driving the family & neighbours crazy, & without hurting the wallet much, it’s perfect…

A complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything the modern drummer needs to play like a pro

Get everything you need to play straight out of the box. Boasts exceptional built-in features including sound effects, training guides & customisable parameters

Electronic Drum Kit | Digital Drum Kit | Electric Drums

Original price was: $999.Current price is: $799.


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Whether you’re a beginner or professional, this electronic drum kit provides you with everything you need to practice, record and create studio-quality music in the comfort of your own home.
Electronic Drum Kit Includes
  • 8 Piece electronic drum kit
  • Includes 3 x tom drum pads, 2 cymbal pads, 1 x hi-hat and control pedal, 1 x snare drum pad, 1 x bass drum and kick pedal and 1 x drum stick set
  • 458 High-quality percussion voices and
  • 20 demo songs
  • 26 Pre-set drum kits and 15 optional user-defined drum kits
  • Adjustable drum tension and pad and rim sensitivity
  • Dual trigger for all pads and cymbals
  • LCD display with volume, sound, tempo and custom parameter control
  • Metronome with click voice, interval select and click volume
  • Built-in scope function
  • Record and playback functions
  • Height adjustable stool
  • Bonus headphones included
  • AUX, adaptor, MIDI and USB inputs
  • MIDI, headphone and stereo line outputs
  • Rubber drum heads and silicone cymbal surfaces
  • Reinforced metal frame
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Original price was: $999.Current price is: $799.

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Get everything you need to play straight out of the box with the 8 Piece Electronic Drum Kit that boasts exceptional built-in features including sound effects, training guides and customisable parameters that make it easier than ever to experiment with new sounds and techniques.

Quick access sound effects

Enjoy easy access to an extensive range of drum and sound effects at your fingertips thanks to the 458 voices, 26 pre-set drum kits and 20 demo songs that allow you to play authentic sounds in a variety of musical styles.

Custom control

The LCD display provides control over parameters such as volume, tempo, pad and rim sensitivity, drum tension and more so that you can customise the feel to suit your playing style and experience an authentic acoustic drum feeling with all your techniques seamlessly translating. Plus, you can record studio-quality music as it eliminates the need for multiple microphones and preamplifiers.

Practice and play along

Easily monitor your drumming performance using the record and playback function along with the headphones that are perfect for late night sessions and practice in apartments. Additionally, the built-in metronome with adjustable temp aids practice while the AUX input lets you connect an MP3 so that you can jam along with your favourite songs.

Multiple inputs

Made with multiple inputs including MIDI, you can connect the drum set to computers and software, external sound modules, samplers and other electronic musical instruments, plug in a microphone and speaker outputs to play out loud or connect the included headphones for silent practice.
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What are the benefits of an Electronic Drum Kit over an acoustic drum set?
Electronic Drum Kits offer volume control, a wide range of sounds and effects, and the convenience of compact, space-saving design, making them ideal for both practice and performance in various settings.
How realistic is the feel of playing on a Digital Drum Kit?
Modern Digital Drum Kits are designed to closely mimic the feel of acoustic drums, with responsive pads and cymbals that provide a dynamic and authentic playing experience.
Are Electric Drums suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Electric Drums are perfect for beginners due to their user-friendly interfaces, built-in learning tools, and the ability to practice quietly with headphones.
Can an Electronic Drum Kit be connected to a computer?
Yes, most electronic drum kits can be connected to a computer via USB or MIDI for recording, music production, or using drumming software.
What types of sounds can a Digital Drum Kit produce?
Digital Drum Kits can produce a vast range of sounds, from classic acoustic drum tones to electronic sounds and percussion effects, offering tremendous versatility.
How portable are Electric Drums?
Electric Drums are generally more portable than acoustic sets, with many models featuring collapsible designs for easy transport and storage.
Do Electronic Drum Kits require maintenance?
They require minimal maintenance compared to acoustic drums, mainly involving keeping the equipment clean and updating software as needed.
Is it easy to record music with a Digital Drum Kit?
Yes, recording is straightforward with digital drum kits, as they can easily connect to recording equipment or software for high-quality audio capture.
Can Electric Drums be used for live performances?
Definitely, electric drums are great for live performances, offering versatility in sound and the benefit of controlled volume levels.
How do I choose the right Electronic Drum Kit for my needs?
Consider factors such as your skill level, space, the variety of sounds you need, connectivity options, and your budget when choosing an electronic drum kit.
Do Digital Drum Kits come with built-in speakers?
Some models have built-in speakers, but most require external amplification through an amp or PA system for larger sound projection.
Can I use my own pedals with Electric Drums?
Yes, most electric drum sets are compatible with standard bass drum and hi-hat pedals, allowing you to use your preferred hardware.
Are Electronic Drum Kits suitable for professional drummers?
Absolutely, many professional drummers use electronic kits for their versatility, convenience, and the ability to integrate with digital audio workstations.
What is the price range for a good quality Digital Drum Kit?
The price can vary widely based on features and quality, with options available for every budget from entry-level to professional-grade kits.
Can Electric Drums be expanded with more pads or cymbals?
Many electric drum sets offer expandability, allowing you to add more pads or cymbals as your needs grow.
Is it difficult to set up an Electronic Drum Kit?
Set-up is generally straightforward, with most kits being user-friendly and coming with clear instructions for assembly.
Do Digital Drum Kits offer different drum kit presets?
Yes, they typically offer a range of preset drum kits, emulating various styles and types of acoustic drums and percussion instruments.
Can I practice quietly with Electric Drums?
One of the main advantages of electric drums is the ability to practice quietly using headphones, making them ideal for apartment living or late-night practice sessions.
How durable are Electronic Drum Kits?
They are designed to be durable and withstand regular use, though the lifespan can vary based on the build quality and how well they are maintained.
Do Digital Drum Kits feel different from acoustic drum
While they aim to replicate the feel of acoustic drums, there can be subtle differences in the rebound and response of the pads compared to traditional drum skins.
Are Electric Drums compatible with all types of drumming software?
Most modern electric drum sets are compatible with a variety of drumming and music production software.
Can I customize the sound settings on an Electronic Drum Kit?
Yes, electronic kits typically allow you to customize individual pad settings, including volume, pitch, and sound effects.
Do Digital Drum Kits come with a warranty?
Most reputable brands offer a warranty on their digital drum kits, covering any manufacturing defects or issues.
Are Electric Drums a good choice for small spaces?
Their compact size makes them an excellent choice for small spaces, offering a full drumming experience without taking up too much room.
Can I integrate an Electronic Drum Kit with other electronic music gear?
Yes, they can be integrated with a range of electronic music equipment, including MIDI controllers, samplers, and synthesizers.
How adjustable are Digital Drum Kits for different playing styles?
They offer high adjustability in terms of pad placement, angle, and kit layout, catering to various playing styles and preferences.
Can Electric Drums help improve my drumming technique?
Yes, they are effective tools for improving technique, timing, and rhythm, especially with features like built-in metronomes and recording capabilities.
What accessories do I need with an Electronic Drum Kit?
Essential accessories include a drum throne, headphones or speakers, and drumsticks. You may also consider additional hardware like kick pedals and a hi-hat stand.
How realistic is the sound of Digital Drum Kits compared to acoustic drums?
High-quality digital drum kits offer very realistic sound samples, closely mimicking the nuances of acoustic drums.
Is it easy to switch between different drum sounds on Electric Drums?
Yes, switching between different drum sounds and kits is typically easy and can be done at the touch of a button.
Finding Your Rhythm: Navigating the World of Electronic Drum Kits

For drummers navigating the modern musical landscape, “Electronic Drum Kits” have become an essential tool. Offering versatility, convenience, and innovation, these “Electric Drums” bridge the gap between traditional acoustic sets and the digital age. Whether you’re a seasoned drummer or just starting, a “Digital Drum Kit” can significantly enhance your playing experience. This guide will explore the features, benefits, and considerations when choosing an electronic drum kit.

The Evolution of Drumming with Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic drum kits have revolutionized drumming. They provide a range of sounds and styles unachievable with traditional acoustic drums, making them a favorite among diverse genres of musicians. With advancements in technology, these kits have become more sophisticated, offering a playing experience closer to acoustic drums than ever before.

Why Choose Electric Drums?

Opting for “Electric Drums” offers several advantages:

  • Volume Control: Perfect for practicing in noise-sensitive environments.
  • Variety of Sounds: Access to a wide range of percussion sounds and effects.
  • Recording Capability: Easily connect to recording equipment and software.
  • Space and Portability: Generally more compact and easier to transport than acoustic sets.

Features to Look for in a Digital Drum Kit

When choosing a “Digital Drum Kit,” consider:

  • Quality of Pads: Look for responsive pads that mimic the feel of acoustic drums.
  • Sound Module: The brain of the kit, it should have a wide range of high-quality sounds.
  • Expandability: Option to add more pads or cymbals can be a significant advantage.
  • Connectivity: USB/MIDI connectivity for recording and software integration.

Tips for First-Time Buyers of Electronic Drum Kits

First-time buyers should:

  • Assess Your Needs: Determine what you need in terms of sound, size, and functionality.
  • Set a Budget: Prices vary widely, so set a budget that aligns with your goals.
  • Try Before You Buy: If possible, test out different kits to find the one that feels right.
  • Read Reviews: Gain insights from other drummers’ experiences and recommendations.

Maximizing Your Electronic Drum Experience

To get the most out of your electronic drums:

  • Regular Practice: Take advantage of the kit’s features to practice and improve your skills.
  • Experiment with Sounds: Explore the range of sounds and effects available.
  • Maintenance: Keep your kit clean and check connections and pads regularly for wear and tear.


Whether for practice, recording, or live performance, an “Electronic Drum Kit” offers a world of possibilities for drummers. From compact, budget-friendly “Electric Drums” to professional-grade “Digital Drum Kits,” there is something for every level and style of drummer. Embrace the digital age and let these innovative instruments enhance your rhythm and sound.