A really good option for a starter set. My son of 6 loves it but has functions for a far more advanced player. I’d imagine the sound quality and features up to some standard made no difference to us.

Feature packed digital piano for beginners. Portable electric keyboard piano with 61 premium piano style keys

Features built in speakers, user friendly layout, LED display & convenient settings


Digital Piano | Electronic Keyboard | Portable Electric Keyboard

Original price was: $299.Current price is: $219.


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With 61 full-size keys, the alpha portable keyboard enables you to discover a whole new world of music with great exceptional built-in features. 

  • 61-Key Standard Piano Keyboard
  • LED display
  • 255 timbres
  • 255 rhythms
  • 50 demo tracks
  • 61 kinds of keyboard percussions
  • Master volume, accompaniment volume, and tempo control
  • Intelligent teaching function: one-key, follow, and ensemble function
  • Rhythm programming function
  • Single chord and fingered chord options
  • Record and playback
  • Sustain and vibrato effect
  • USB connection for music player function
  • Microphone input and speaker output
  • Headphone jack for silent practice
  • Battery powered option
  • An adjustable stand is included

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Original price was: $299.Current price is: $219.

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Full-Size Keyboard

Electronic keyboard with 61 full-sized keys and LED display screen with lots of sounds and features


Adjustable Stand

Includes an adjustable stand made of heavy-duty steel construction and a music sheet holder


Great Features

Features 2 teaching functions, 46-level tempo control, 16-grade volume control, 50 demo songs, 255 rhythms, 255 timbres and full record and playback options, multiple chord options, various effect controls, and 8-panel percussion select, and many more


Portable Performance

You can take the piano outdoors with six 1.5V batteries, or practice at home with the adapter.

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Why choose a Digital Piano over an acoustic piano?
A Digital Piano offers versatility with various sound options, volume control, and the convenience of being more portable and requiring less maintenance than an acoustic piano.
What are the benefits of an Electronic Keyboard for beginners?
Electronic Keyboards are ideal for beginners due to their affordability, range of built-in learning tools, and adjustable settings to suit different learning paces.
How portable is a Portable Electric Keyboard?
Portable Electric Keyboards are designed for easy transportation and storage, making them perfect for musicians on the go or those with limited space.
Can a Digital Piano replicate the feel of an acoustic piano?
Many digital pianos are equipped with weighted keys that mimic the feel of an acoustic piano, offering a similar tactile experience.
What types of sounds can an Electronic Keyboard produce?
Electronic Keyboards can produce a wide array of sounds, from different piano tones to various instruments like organs, strings, and synthesizers.
Is a Portable Electric Keyboard suitable for professional performances?
Absolutely! Many portable electric keyboards offer advanced features and high-quality sounds suitable for professional use.
How does a Digital Piano connect to other devices?
Digital Pianos typically feature USB or MIDI connectivity, allowing for easy connection to computers, recording equipment, and sound systems.
Do Electronic Keyboards come with built-in lessons?
Many models include built-in lessons and exercises, which are great for beginners learning to play.
Can I use headphones with a Portable Electric Keyboard?
Yes, most portable electric keyboards have headphone jacks, allowing for private practice sessions.
What is the average cost of a good quality Digital Piano?
The cost varies widely based on features and quality, but there are options available for every budget, from affordable entry-level to high-end models.
How durable are Electronic Keyboards?
They are built to be durable and withstand regular use, though the lifespan can vary based on the build quality and how well they are maintained.
Do Portable Electric Keyboards require tuning?
No, one of the advantages of portable electric keyboards is that they don’t require tuning, unlike acoustic pianos.
Are there Digital Piano models with weighted keys?
Yes, many digital pianos feature weighted keys to emulate the feel of playing an acoustic piano.
Can I record music with an Electronic Keyboard?
Many electronic keyboards have built-in recording capabilities, and others can be connected to recording equipment or software for recording.
How compact are Portable Electric Keyboards for small spaces?
They are designed to be compact and space-efficient, making them ideal for small living spaces or studios.
Do Digital Pianos offer different instrument sounds?
Absolutely, digital pianos typically offer a variety of instrument sounds, allowing players to experiment with different musical styles.
How user-friendly are Electronic Keyboards?
Electronic keyboards are generally user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-navigate menus.
Can a Portable Electric Keyboard be used for music education?
Definitely! They are a popular choice in music education due to their versatility and range of features conducive to learning.
What maintenance does a Digital Piano require?
Digital pianos require minimal maintenance – just keeping them clean and ensuring they are stored in a safe, dry place.
Are Electronic Keyboards a good option for composing music?
They are excellent for composers, offering a wide range of sounds and rhythms to inspire and facilitate music creation.
Do Portable Electric Keyboards have connectivity for external amplifiers?
Most models have output options for connecting to external amplifiers or PA systems for larger sound projection.
How realistic is the sound quality of a Digital Piano?
High-quality digital pianos offer very realistic sound samples, closely mimicking the nuances of acoustic pianos.
Can I learn different music genres on an Electronic Keyboard?
Yes, the versatility of sounds and rhythms available on electronic keyboards makes them suitable for a wide range of genres.
Is a Portable Electric Keyboard suitable for children?
Yes, their ease of use and adjustable settings make them suitable for young learners.
Are there eco-friendly Digital Pianos available?
Some brands focus on eco-friendly production processes, though options are limited in this area.
How much space does an Electronic Keyboard take up?
Electronic keyboards are space-efficient, with many models being slim and compact enough to fit in small spaces.
Can I connect my Portable Electric Keyboard to a computer for music production?
Yes, many models offer USB or MIDI connectivity, making them suitable for use with music production software.
What is the difference between a Digital Piano and a traditional synthesizer?
Digital pianos focus on emulating the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, while synthesizers are more geared towards a wide range of electronic sounds and effects.
Are there Digital Piano models that mimic the look of an acoustic piano?
Yes, there are digital piano models with cabinet designs that resemble traditional upright or grand pianos.
How important is the brand when choosing an Electronic Keyboard?
While brand can be an indicator of quality, it’s essential to choose an instrument that meets your specific needs in terms of features, sound quality, and budget.
Embracing the Modern Melody: A Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Piano

In a world where technology continually reshapes how we experience music, digital pianos have emerged as a popular choice for musicians. Combining the richness of traditional pianos with the versatility of modern technology, they cater to various musical needs and styles. Whether you’re a budding musician looking for an “Electronic Keyboard” or a touring artist in need of a “Portable Electric Keyboard,” understanding the nuances of digital pianos is key to making the right choice.

The Allure of Digital Pianos

Digital pianos offer a unique blend of quality, versatility, and convenience. Unlike traditional acoustic pianos, they are lightweight, require no tuning, and often come with a variety of sound options and features that enhance the playing experience.

Digital Piano vs. Electronic Keyboard

While often used interchangeably, digital pianos and electronic keyboards have distinct differences:

  • Digital Pianos: Designed to closely mimic the feel and sound of acoustic pianos, ideal for students and professionals who desire a realistic piano experience.
  • Electronic Keyboards: More portable and typically equipped with a wider range of sounds and features, suited for beginners or those looking for versatility in sound.

Advantages of a Portable Electric Keyboard

A “Portable Electric Keyboard” is particularly appealing for its:

  • Mobility: Easy to transport and set up, perfect for gigging musicians or those with limited space.
  • Variety of Features: Comes with built-in rhythms, effects, and sometimes even teaching tools.
  • Affordability: Generally more budget-friendly than digital pianos.

Choosing Your Digital Piano

When selecting a digital piano, consider:

  • Key Action: Look for weighted or semi-weighted keys to simulate the feel of an acoustic piano.
  • Sound Quality: High-quality samples and speakers will provide a more authentic piano sound.
  • Additional Features: Consider features like MIDI connectivity, recording capabilities, and built-in metronomes, depending on your needs.

Tips for First-Time Buyers

For those new to digital pianos:

  • Research Brands and Models: Familiarize yourself with reputable brands and their offerings.
  • Try Before You Buy: If possible, play different models to see what feels and sounds best to you.
  • Consider Your Goals: Match the instrument to your current skill level and future aspirations.


Whether you opt for a full-featured digital piano or a compact “Portable Electric Keyboard,” these instruments offer musicians a world of opportunities to explore and express their musical talents. They embody the perfect harmony of tradition and innovation, making them an ideal choice for both practice and performance in today’s digital age.