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We are a group of young dynamic private music teachers operating a professional music school that has grown to more than 200+ students across Australia & NZ.

Our business objective is to disrupt the existing industry of teaching music education with a new modern approach. We want to get away with all the requirements in the classic classroom teaching style. We believe that education should be fun, and teachers should be loved and not feared. That is required for any performance training.

Many music theory lessons include rigid hands on training, as it is the fundamentals of a good foundation on a performance theory.

What we’re looking for | To Become a Music Tutor in Australia

We are currently hiring private full time and part time music teachers throughout Australia & New Zealand to join our pool of highly talented music teachers. We are a network of Uni Students offering the very best in private music lessons and tuition. We live in the various state of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, & the state of Perth and are looking for more professional music teachers with complete requirements.

Earn and take advantage of the best music teacher job pay rates. How much salary would you earn?
We pay anywhere between $40-$60 per hour. We reward a good private music teachers that works hard beyond their expected level of service as it won’t go unnoticed.

Required qualifications for a music teacher | Music Lessons Australia

Have you finished high school and continued on higher education in music? Are you a university student still having classes? Or do you have work experience in teaching music and having private lessons?

If you think you have the many requirements you think we need to becoming a teacher- Music lessons Australia is the best place to work with. Don’t think twice. Start your career with us by clicking the button below. You don’t have to worry about lesson plans, or the skills that you think may work. Our schools are required to give you complete classroom related teaching programs so you may carry out your in home curriculum swiftly.

Becoming a music tutor for students of all ages

Working with a great school with lots of opportunities, and with complete program related materials should be a good choice. Music Lessons Australia do offer great musical opportunities to people like you. Let us help you find a rewarding career in music education.
Be one of our music teachers to start sharing your musical skills, your knowledge in music education, the experiences in your career and the student lessons program you have taught in schools .

Don’t worry about having a degree just to become a private music teacher.

Have you spent ample time and years practicing your instrument? The level we’re looking for- is to at least have a sound knowledge with general theory on your instrument. We also are looking to find at least 10 years of relevant experience in playing and knows how to read the notes on a sheet.
You are not a master, and no university degree certification in schools

No worries! Get that job related exposure with us. Be benefited with a competitive salary package. If you are new to this kind of job, you don’t have to worry. We fully train our teachers and our support team are always available to answer your questions about teaching a student.

You don’t need to find teaching materials as well. We will provide you lesson materials good for an hour of teaching for each lesson. Know that the materials all written in broad English, suitable for any type of learner.

It is preferable that teachers own a car and be able to drive to students homes in various locations.
The application : How to become a music tutor in Australia

First we would need a completed work tutor application Be sure to answer all given questions as honest as you can. We will also review your resume. Please include all your relevant experiences in details – from the time you have learn to play up to present.

In applying with us online, one of the most important information to declare is the city you wish to teach in. We may need this information for your profile. If you are moving soon, please wait until you have your new address before submitting your application.

Your screening

After we received your completed application (make sure it is all written in English) we will screen it. Some of the most important elements we look for are are your qualifications and experience.
If you do not have a certificate in school or higher teaching in music – i.e. Certificate of Performance, Degree in music, A master s degree, or AMusA in school, or Bachelor of Music Degree in , don’t worry. We accept applications for as long as you have at least completed high school and or have achieved grade 7 in your principal instrument. Experience in working with children in schools or musical programs is a plus!

Let’s layout a number of qualities below in becoming a teacher.

  • Make sure you have enough technical knowledge as a music teacher
  • Good interpersonal skills are needed
  • Convey music teaching in the simplest terms.
  • Develop a technique on how to handle a 7 year old down to an adult learner.
  • Keep it interesting.

Teachers should be able to build good relationships with students

Like in one or two instances, your classes will thrive if you have good relationships with your student. Being a teacher may also mean they should exhibit exceptional relational skills to both students and their parents. The right attitude will make a good relationship. It will be hard to maintain a long lasting relationship if the teacher doesn’t have much people skills. Yes, it may be a challenge for any music teacher, the key is to have multiple work around to students with different abilities.

Develop what you really want to teach, it will help

Even a basic understanding of how to teach music can be hugely beneficial, regardless of the age or level of your students. It can sometimes be difficult to determine which aspects of music to cover and how to introduce and discuss them. The first step is to figure out what you want to teach and how adding elements of music into the learning environment will benefit your learners. Rights reserved section should be found below our page if you need more information.

Want to teach the following? Get in touch with Music Lessons Australia TODAY.

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PRIVATE home MUSIC lessons in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Adelaide, & Perth for students of all ages & levels

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable music teachers to come to your home – we are available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable music tutoring rate.




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My daughter’s teacher, John is superb and very talented. He is super patient with my daughter and he cares. You won’t regret taking lessons. I assure you =)


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