Top 4 Reasons to Learn a Musical Instrument From a Young Age

There are countless benefits to learning music from a young age that extend beyond encouraging creative thinking. Research has shown that gaining a musical understanding early in a child’s life can assist in brain development, self esteem and patience.

Why take up music lessons from a young age? The piano can be argued as the simplest to understand & the most versatile instrument in the world of music. There isn’t a genre you can’t play!


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Are you curious about how else music lessons will benefit your son or daughter? Continue reading to find out our top four reasons to learn music from a young age. Number 3 might surprise you!

Reason 1: Memory and brain development.

Science has shown that a child’s brain can absorb information like a sponge. For this reason, it is most effective to introduce musical education to a child early on while their brains are open to receiving new information & experiences.

Undertaking music lessons and practicing an instrument at home also supports memory development, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young children.

Reason 2: Academic Improvement.

Young children learning music can also gain great academic success, as mathematical & musical skills are closely related.

Learning an instrument as a young child will help improve the skill of pattern recognition, division & many other concepts shared between music & mathematics early on in their musical education.

Reason 3: Discipline.

Music lessons introduce young children to the under appreciated idea of delayed gratification & patience. In a new age where both adults & children are used to getting whatever they want at a touch of a button, it is extremely beneficial to show children that some things are well worth the wait.

Unless you have a child prodigy in your family (lucky you if you do!), children will learn to understand that accomplishing goals and practicing a skill takes time, making the reward all that much more rewarding.

Learning discipline will come from the music lessons, taking instruction from their teacher and finding strength in practicing in their own time. Some young children find this a lot easier than other, but the patience & discipline required will form naturally over time

Reason 4: Self-Esteem.

Learning an instrument builds a child’s sense of confidence as they experience their own progress over time by practicing a skill. While performing can get a little nerve wracking sometimes, the feeling of accomplishment gives children a huge sense of satisfaction.

In addition, hearing praise for their efforts from their parents & loved ones will also bolster a child’s self esteem, and encourage them to continue learning & performing.

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If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable music teachers to come to your home – we are available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable music tutoring rate.




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