Can I Learn Drums As An Adult?

You may want to take drum lessons, but you are worried that you are too old to start! Don’t worry; you can learn drums as an adult, or at any age.

Studies have shown that there are benefits of music lessons at any age. You are never too old to learn a new skill or follow your dreams of becoming a drummer so stop asking yourself if it’s too late, or if you are too old to take up the drums and keep reading to see why now is the best time to take drum classes as an adult.


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Can I Learn Drums as an Adult – It’s Never Too Late For Classes

There is the prevailing myth that you can only become good at drums if you start at an early age. That is simply not true. At Music House, we have seen many people come into our doors in adulthood and learn to play the drums with ease and move on to becoming part of a band! You can become proficient in the drums at any age if you put your mind to it and practice regularly.

Advantages of Learning to Play Drums in Adulthood

Taking drum classes for adults as opposed to as a child can have its benefits. Let go through them, so you understand how great it is to take lessons as an adult!

You Understand the Music

Remember when cultural references in music escaped you as a child? As an adult, you have insight into the purpose of a piece of music, and you understand the emotional place that an artist is coming from when they compose a piece of music. You can analyze the music and connect with it on a deeper level.

This helps you to learn music in a way that you couldn’t as a child. Not only that, but you will understand music theory better than an eight-year-old. When you spend decades listening to music, you start to recognize motifs in music and the progression and composition of a song.

You have the life experience to connect better with the music, and the technical aspect of learning to play the drums will come to you with practice.

You Have the Drive and You Control Your Time

We all know that learning to play an instrument requires practice, patience, and time. As an adult, you have all those things under control. You mother is no longer forcing you to practice for an hour a day. You don’t feel like you are missing out when your friends hang out at the mall. No, you are an adult, and you have the drive, and you control your time. You can practice playing drums when you want in your garage, and you are motivated to do so. Your motivation comes for a drive to improve yourself and be part of the music community. You just don’t feel that way as a child, and this is a huge advantage to learning to play as an adult. You will get your 10,000 hours of practice in no time!

Challenges of Playing the Drums an an Adult

Life isn’t a bed of roses. There are a couple of drawbacks to taking up drum lessons in adulthood, and we want to make sure that you have a balanced expectation of what drum lessons in adulthood are like. That is not to discourage you from taking lessons, but to inform you of the challenges ahead.

Your Commitments

Being an adult is hard. There are so many responsibilities that we have, and our commitments may get in the way. At this age, we have or may have jobs, kids, families, and mortgages to pay. While those are all essential things to make time for, you must be willing to make time for yourself and your development as a person.

Astronomical expectations

As adults, we feel as though we should pick up new concepts quickly. Because of that, we have unreasonably high expectations. Getting good at playing the drums takes time and commitment to avoid being disappointed, you may have to lower your expectations in the beginning. Music Lessons Academy will guide you through the process and will let you know if you are hitting your milestones!

Benefits of Drum Classes for Adults

A Good Workout

Playing the drums requires the use of your whole body. When you play the drums in adulthood, you will improve your overall coordination. When you improve your coordination, your balance benefits as a result. To many people, it may seem easy sitting down to play drums, but playing this instrument comes with a tremendous advantage – you build core strength. When you’re learning drums as adults, you will notice that you get a workout every time.

An Intellectual Boost

Playing the drums helps with your brain’s neuroplasticity! Yes, that is right; when you take drum classes for adults, your mind will continue to grow because you are learning a new skill. Learning new skills like the drums helps you to retain other information in your daily life, and it will help you keep your mind agile as you age. The more you learn in your drum lessons, the more advanced concepts you will be able to handle because your brain is getting used to learning new things.

Your Happiness Improves

The best part of playing the drums is the happiness and joy it brings! Playing the drums is not only a stress reliever, but it is a bonding experience if you play in a band. When you take more drum lessons, you can express yourself through this fantastic percussion instrument in ways you didn’t think were possible. Being able to express yourself through music is one of the most euphoric experiences you will ever have.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Learning the Drums

Maybe you are obsessed with your local rock and roll band or maybe you are mandated to join the school band. Whatever your reason, consider asking yourself these five questions before taking beginner drumming lessons.

What is my end goal?

Before deciding to learn the drums, ask yourself honestly what your end goal is. Do you have to join an elective and think drums are cool or easy to learn? Have you idolized John Bonham since you heard your first Led Zeppelin song? Whether you want stardom or an easy A, the reality is you will need to work hard for both. It is important you are passionate about mastering both music theory and technique or your drums will end up collecting dust in a matter of months. Stay passionate by keeping your end goal in mind and hiring a private drum teacher to hold you accountable for practicing.

Can I soundproof my space?

You can have all the passion in the world, but your parents or neighbors may limit your practice time if they cannot stand the noise. Ask yourself, do you have a basement, attic, garage, or a decently secluded room to practice? Choose a space that is as far away as possible from potentially irritated listeners. Rooms with thick carpets, curtains, and wall hangings also absorb sound. Ask your parents or housemates’ consent to let you play during specified times of day. Reassure them that additional measures can be taken to “mute” the sound of your drums. Some examples include: placing a pillow or bundled fabric in your bass drum and toms, lining the underside of your drum heads with masking tape, or even playing on a drum pad.

How free is my schedule?

How much time can you realistically set aside every day to practice in between your beginner drumming lessons? Hopefully at this point you want to spend every waking moment learning to play the drums. You need to keep the momentum going by scheduling drum practice just like you would any formal class or appointment. Setting aside time to practice for 20 minutes every day is better than playing for three hours every Sunday. Sticking to a schedule also reduces the likelihood you will “run out of time” or forget to practice.

What can I afford?

You do not need thousands of dollars to buy an expensive, new drum set. Search the Internet or look up a local instrument shop to find an affordable drum set. Better yet, seeif you have any friends or family members who have unused drums. Send out a mass email or social media post: Explain your interest in finding a used set of drums and that you are willing to negotiate price. A family-friend may love to have you take their drums for little to no fee.

How do I find the right drum teacher?

To really commit to learning to play the drums well, you need a private teacher to help you learn music theory and technique. Ask yourself what days and times you can commit to taking lessons. The only way to improve and hold yourself accountable is to find a teacher you enjoy working with at a consistent time every week.

Now that you have considered the right questions to maintain your passion and commitment to learning the drums, good luck getting started with your beginner drumming lessons!

Where to learn to play the drums?

At the end of the day, it is never too late to get started and learn to play the drums. Taking drum classes in adulthood will be one of the most rewarding journeys you take in life. Whether you are 30, 50, or 70, you can learn to play the drums, and Music Lessons Academy would love to help you learn and master the drums. Contact us today to book your first of many drum lessons! We also provide online lessons that are super helpful during covid lockdowns.


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