Best Entry Level Franchise To Invest In 2022

Australia’s most innovative music school is offering a rare opportunity to be a part of its extraordinary wave of success, by becoming a franchise owner.

Music Lessons Academy (MLA), where teachers conduct music lessons in the homes of students, has been growing exponentially in recent years. Savvy investors now have the chance to buy into a low-cost, high return investment, with ongoing education and support and make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of music students in their communities.

Australia has three times more franchise outlets per capita than the USA. The industry turns over around $150 billion a year and employs close to 500,000 Australians.

There are a number of benefits in investing in a franchise. The business model and branding has been set up and established and is considerably more likely to succeed than a business that has started up from scratch.

And with careful selection of the type of business you target, you can protect yourself against some of the common pain points people report, such as high initial outlays and expensive overhead costs.

MLA founder and CEO Kayla Caruso says there are a number of factors that make her business worth investing in.

One important one is affordability, which can be a big barrier to becoming a franchisee. The average upfront fee to invest in an Australian franchise is around $30,000, while big-name fast-food brands can cost more than $500,000. But investment in MLA begins at $13,999

 “It’s affordable because there are low overhead costs, you don’t need an office space,” Kayla said. “It’s not like opening a fast food or retail outlet where you have to pay for office or commercial space, rents and lots of supply or equipment.”

Then there is repeat business, due to the long term nature of learning a musical instrument. More than 80 per cent of students spend more than two years with MLA, while 65 per cent remain for five years or more.

“Look at the piano. It takes about 10 years to master,” Kayla said. “I’ve got students who started years ago that are still with us.

“And there are no limits on how big you can grow because you don’t have capacity issues. As long as you’re hiring music teachers, you can give the students and you’re not in a physical room in a music school, so you never get fully booked.”

Added benefits include flexible hours for franchisees, the opportunity to be your own boss and ongoing access to support from the head office in every aspect of the business. 

For more information, please visit the Music Lessons Academy Franchise website here.

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