Teacher Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.
– Sidney Hook

Music Lessons Academy is a network of dedicated University students, looking to share their passion of music with students of all ages.
Founded in 2017, our team of 100+ music teachers are teaching over 550+ students across Australia & New Zealand.

Just as you have fond memories of your music education & teacher, we create these meaningful connections with our students on a weekly basis. Your students will look up to you for inspiration & guidance, and being a teacher with Music Lessons Academy gives you the opportunity to mould students into talented musicians. It truly is one of the most rewarding jobs you will have!



Your Students

How do I get students assigned to me?

We have a number of full time staff working to match you to a student who suits your experience and teaching style. Based on your availability, we will first schedule a half priced trial lesson. After this trial lesson has taken place, and you agree this student is a great match for you, that student is your own!

Once you have a student, you are expected to teach them for the whole term. The life of a student depends on your encouragement & dedication to them. You may be watching your students grow with you for a term, a year or even 5 years.

How many students can I teach?

Our lessons run from 3:30pm-8:30pm on weeknights, and 9am-8pm on weekends.

On the average night, you could be teaching between two to five students.

We do schedule lessons based on your availabilities, so the number of students you teach will depend on the number of days you’ll be teaching.

If I’m given the job, when will I get my first student?
Our team will work hard to start assigning you students as soon as you are accepted into the teaching team. If you cannot start teaching until a specific date, please let us know.
Will I ever have to teach for free?

As our trial lessons are a great way for teachers to meet their future potential students, we offer the students this lesson for half its regular price.

This is a teachers chance to impress the student, and demonstrate your professionalism and talent.

Many other music studios ask their teachers to take this trial lesson without payment, i.e. work for free. We do not believe in having our teachers work for no payment.

We kindly ask our teachers to take this lesson at half of your rate of pay. It is a small price to pay for the long term value of a student.

Who will I be teaching?
Our student base is made up mostly of primary school aged beginners. We do occasionally teach adult beginners, who are just as easy to teach & make meaningful connections with as our younger students. Our enrolments are split fairly evenly between students interested in classical, jazz, pop/rock, and students who have no preference / are open to any style of music.
If I’m given the job, when will I get my first student?
Our team will work hard to start assigning you students as soon as you are accepted into the teaching team. If you cannot start teaching until a specific date, please let us know.
What happens if the music teacher needs to cancel a lesson?

Your music teacher job are flexible, and you can cancel your music lesson bookings as needed – just keep in mind that many students want consistency and may request to change music teachers if you cancel or reschedule too often.

What are your policies surrounding student cancellations?

24 hours notice to cancel a lesson completely for a refund. With less than a week’s notice, but more than 24 hours’ notice, we will reschedule the cancelled lesson to a later date.  With less than 24 hours’ notice the music teacher is paid and is not obligated to make up the missed lesson time.

Working Hours

How does the scheduling work?
All lessons are recurring weekly events. If your university timetable changes in the new semester, we can arrange a new time for your students lessons with no hassle.
How far do I need to drive?

We aim to keep your students as local to you as possible! We expect our teachers to drive up to 25 minutes from their home suburb for the first lesson of the night.

Once you are out on your teaching route, you won’t be driving more than 15 minutes between lessons.

What To Teach

What curriculum do you teach with?

Music Lessons Academy has developed our own contemporary curriculum that engages students of all ages, and is structured in a simple, easy to understand fashion for new teachers.

All beginner students are given a free beginners workbook for your first lesson. There are four beginner workbooks in our curriculum.

Do you provide training & teaching resources?

All teachers of Music Lessons Academy share a private central ‘in the cloud’ area full of teaching resources.

We have songs for all levels of students, worksheets and lesson plans to help you get started. We are happy to provide any student song requests that are not found in the resource area.

Your Pay

How do payments work? Do students pay me directly?

We collect payments in advance from students, and make payments out to teachers on a weekly basis, after each full week of teaching.

How & when do I get paid?

We take the headache out of students problems with payments, so you will never have to worry about late payments or not getting paid!

Teachers of music Lessons Australia are paid per lesson they travel to.

Do I get reimbursed for my driving?
Teachers are paid an additional $5 per lesson they travel to, to make up for petrol costs. This is well above the award rate of 68c per kilometre travelled.
How much do you pay for music teaching ?
Our rates are competitive based on market averages. We keep our profit margins and business expenses as low as possible so that we can pass on the maximum amount possible per lesson to our music teachers.


I don’t have a music degree. Can I still apply?

Yes. We give priority to music teachers with a minimum qualification of a Grade 8 Certified Music Examination Award in music, however we have made exceptions on rare occasions, and will be happy to consider your work application. Please be sure to provide proof of your highest music/music qualification, whatever that may be.

I can’t find my degree. What should I do?
We can accept other documents as proof of your qualification, such as a transcript or official letter. If you have another type of document that shows evidence of your qualification, feel free to submit it, or ask us if you are unsure whether it is valid.
How long has your business been operating?

Music Lessons Academy grew out of a website and solo piano teaching practice that was started in 2017.