Introducing an unique FREE educational experience for your students.

We’ve all heard that learning music makes you smarter. This fact is backed by science.

Unfortunately, music education for children has been on a steady decline, with public education diminishing students’ opportunities to learn music.

The Team at Music Lessons Academy believe in giving every young child the opportunity to discover and learn music.

So we are offering your school or child care centre the opportunity to host a FREE “Music Appreciation Experience” for your children.

This is a FREE 30-minute session that engages your students with music and educational outcomes taught by professional musicians.

FREE Preschool Music Appreciation Classes 1

During the Music Appreciation Experience, your students will:

FREE Preschool Music Appreciation Classes 2

Develop Listening Skills

with activities where students have to carefully listen and engage with the live music performance.

FREE Preschool Music Appreciation Classes 3

Build Confidence in Communication

teaching students to communicate their ideas about music using words, storytelling, movement and visual outlets.

FREE Preschool Music Appreciation Classes 4

Learn to Work Collaboratively

with team working activities, including singing, creating music and sharing their ideas.

FREE Preschool Music Appreciation Classes 5

Explore Music Immersively

explore a broad range of musical styles and concepts in an immersive experience

FREE Preschool Music Appreciation Classes 6

Fine Tune their Motor Skills

by participating in physical activities including clapping, stomping and marching in time.

FREE Preschool Music Appreciation Classes 7

Feel Proud of their Achievements

each student will receive a personalised participation certificate to encourage students to continue exploring music.

Why Music Lessons Australia?

private piano lesson in my home

We are a network of university students who offer contemporary music lessons in homes and schools across Australia.

Our young and energetic music tutors are excited to share the fun and excitement of music with students as young as 3 years old.

All our music tutors have a valid Working With Children Check and are professionally trained musicians.

Our main goal is to give every student the opportunity and exposure to music education from a pivotal young age.

Say Hello!

We sincerely appreciate preschool educators are some of the most undervalued and overworked educators in Australia. If you are interested in this opportunity to introduce a music appreciation experience in your school, please enquire. Who knows, the very next Australian star might be hiding in your class!