A Virtual Collaborative Concert – Premiering December 10th!

Melody Mosaic: The Virtual Collaboration Performance 1

At Music Lessons Australia, we envision a world where every student can explore the full potential of music. Regardless of age or experience, we firmly believe that all students should embrace every chance to perform.

However, we’ve faced challenges over the years in bringing students together for in-person showcases. Whether it’s been timing issues, venue constraints, or a lack of student interest, our live showcases have struggled to come to fruition.

But our commitment remains unwavering – every student deserves a platform to showcase their talents! That’s why we’re excited to introduce Music Lessons Australia’s Melody Mosaics, a revolutionary Virtual Collaborative Experience that will bring music into the digital realm, transcending geographical boundaries and connecting students nationwide.

What is melody mosaics?

Students can choose from two Christmas songs and practice playing an appropriate instrumental part. Once ready, simply record and upload the performance to Music Lessons Australia’s Google Drive. We will then combine all the individual parts to create a stunning ensemble performance! It’s like a TikTok Duet but with a unique twist.

how to participate

Melody Mosaic: The Virtual Collaboration Performance 2

1. Choose a Song & a part to learn!

This term’s songs are “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” Choose from the three to four parts available for treble instruments, bass instruments, beginner piano or advanced piano.
Singers, drummers, and guitarists are also welcome to participate and add their own creative flair to the ensemble.

Please note: All students must learn to perform the piece at exactly 120 bpm for the collaboration to work!


2. Perform & Record


Choose a date to record your student’s performance, and make it a fun family event. Encourage your student’s friends and family to watch. Ensure your student is dressed in plain clothing (not a school uniform) and bows or waves at the camera at the end of the performance.


3. Upload the Video

Upload your student’s video performance to the Google Drive link below. Video submissions are due by the 4th of December. When uploading, please ensure the file name includes the student’s name.


4. Enjoy the Melody Mosaics Premiere on December 10th!