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Music Lessons Australia’s vision is to give students every opportunity to explore music in the fullest. That is why we strongly believe all students, no matter their age or experience, should practice performing at our annual student showcases! 

All students of MLA are welcome to perform at our 2023 Student Recital to share their dedication & enthusiasm for music with family, friends and their teachers.

Feel inspired by watching our teachers showcase their talents to see how far your musical practice can take you. For the families and friends of MLA, come along to show your support and listen to a range of performances, from beautiful piano pieces to drumming solos to kids’ bop! There will be much to enjoy.

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2023 Teaching Award Nominations

The Music Teacher Awards Ceremony is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the incredible work of our music teachers who have made a lasting impact on the lives of their students. We look forward to receiving your nominations and celebrating the amazing contributions of our music teachers at Music Lessons Australia!

Your Questions Answered:

When will the concerts be held?

We plan on hosting our Student Concerts in Term 4, at the end of the year.

More details on venues and dates will be released closer to the dates.

What will I need to bring?

All students should be prepared to arrive with their sheet music (if needed), a lot of practice behind them and a can-do attitude!

A piano is provided in each hall. Music Lessons Australia will also provide students with music stands and microphones where needed. Guitar students must bring their instrument (and amp, if electric) to the concert. Woodwind, brass and string students must also bring their instruments to the show. 

What songs can students perform? How many songs can students play?

All students of MLA are asked to perform two pieces demonstrating their technical ability. Any style, genre, experience level or arrangements are welcome. 

The only requirement we ask of all student performances is to keep their total performance time under 6 minutes long. If your student is eager to play for longer than 6 minutes, please send in a special request.

In the past, we’ve seen students play solo works, with backing tracks, teacher & student duets and even sibling duets! We welcome all performance ideas, as our concerts are a place of creativity and support!

Will teachers be performing too?

Yes! As well as supporting your student community performances, you will also get to experience live teacher performances! We hope to inspire our students and show them what years of dedication and practice can achieve. 

What is the Teacher Awards Ceremony?

This year, we are also celebrating the achievements of our wonderful teaching community at each concert. Students and teachers can nominate themselves for one of 5 awards.

  1. The Music Teacher of the Year Award – State Winner: Given to the top music teacher who has demonstrated exceptional teaching skills, commitment to their students, and dedication to music education. At the end of the year, each state winner will compete for the Music Teacher of the Year – Australian title.
  2. The Rising Star Award is given to a music teacher in the early stages of their profession but has already shown great promise and potential.
  3. The Innovation in Music Education Award: Given to a music teacher who has developed new and innovative approaches to teaching music and has significantly impacted the field.
  4. The Excellence in Piano Education Award: Given to a music teacher who specialises in piano music and has shown exceptional skills in teaching students to play the piano.
  5. The Excellence in Music Education Award: Given to a music teacher who specialises in instrumental music (other than piano) and has shown exceptional skills in teaching students to play instruments.
How can I nominate my teacher for an award?

To nominate your teacher for one of the 5 awards, please fill out the nomination form here!

The form should take 5 minutes to complete. Please give as much information and detail as you deem necessary!

Do students receive any rewards for participating?

Yes! All students will receive a formal certificate for their outstanding performance in the student concert. The events are purely a showcase of our students’ talents & progress; hence there are no competitive awards to be won.

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